Plan C is a  high-end women’s and accessories brand, deeply rooted in edgy design, daring color sensibility, experimentation and uncompromising quality.

Plan C is designed by Carolina Castiglioni. Born in Milan, Carolina grew up in an eclectic environment, where, inspired by her mother, the founder of Italian fashion label Marni, she developed a very distinctive aesthetic vision, along with a passion for beautifully crafted and meaningful things.

After a decade spent in developing special projects for the Marni brand, in 2018 Carolina, with the support of her father Gianni and her brother Giovanni, established the Plan C brand, headquartered in a space in the heart of Milan, which housed her great grandmother’s fur atelier in the Sixties.

Carolina wanted to create a label that reflects her personal vision, where a touch of eccentricity coexists with an understated, effortless attitude and  everything is made with care and detail. Thinking beyond trends and seasons, Plan C offers a distinctive view of the contemporary lifestyle and talks to independent, empowered women who can be highly sophisticated and irresistibly playful and ironic at the same time.

Carolina’s commitment is to make individual and modern collections, matching masculine and feminine elements, playing with striking colors and bold prints, as well as crafted from special materials with a charming tactile feel.

Each garment and accessory piece is conceived as an item part of an ideal wardrobe, which expands season after season with new ideas and inspirations. Creative disciplines  deeply influence Carolina’s work, resulting in eye-catching signature graphics with a warm, human touch.

Mixing sportswear, tailoring and utility references, she develops long-lasting garments, which become the uniforms of real, powerful and determined women.